ffia is a fibre made from palm leaves. It is used to make mats and baskets. The Raffia Palm is native to the tropical regions of Africa and found widely in Madagascar, as well as in the tropics of South America and islands of the Indian Ocean.

A fine, high quality natural straw made from sisal, bleached or dyed to colour, comes in grades from one through to five. Normally reserved for expensive hats. Delicate in texture but resilient in wear, takes dye well. Parasisal is made using two over two weave.
Deadstock material from the 60’s.


Wool felt comes from sheep hair that is sheared once a year. The fleece is treated to become felt.
Recycle material.

Mohair comes from the angora goat.
The shearing process on mohair farms takes place twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The mohair production process then involves cleaning to the wool to get rid of any dirt, debris, and grease.
The fleece then is used to produce the felt.
Deadstock material from the 70’s with natural dyes

Rabbit felt is made by using the downy under-fur of the animal not the long, coarse hair that is commonly called fur. Only this under-fur has the barb-like projections on the surface of each fiber that will lock the fibers together to make a strong felt.The long hairs are pulled out or sheared off. The remaining under-fur is carefully treated to raise up the microscopic barbs for better felting.- Rabbit felt hats are superior in lightness of weight, mellowness to the touch, and ability to keep their shape and withstand weather and renovating.

SYNTHETIC CRINO deadstock hat material from the 60’s

All hats have a gros grain in 100% cotton for sweatband