I have always felt the need to make objects and in the process give space to my creativity. I started during the 80’s in Florence to study how to design fabrics and transform them which has been the hallmark of my life.

I continued my path in London at Cordwainers College with a degree in shoe design that led me to collaborate in the atelier of Jimmy Choo. For many years footwear became my world and I specialized in design, production and sales between Spain, Germany & Florence. In the 2000’s I took on a new project designing cashmere knitwear and overseeing production for Chinese companies. Shortly after I realized mass production and limited space to express my designs was not a good fit for me.

For many years I dedicated myself to researching and selling in antique markets, objects that still remained as traces of a lost world. My passion for objects with shapes that are no longer current but made of disappeared fabrics and beautiful handcrafted workmanship lead to collaborations with the Gucci museum.

During this time I also started collaborating with some of the Florentine fashion schools like Polimoda and IED. Teaching has allowed me to refine my techniques, get to know new perspectives, and share my enthusiasm for those beautiful and well-made artifacts with people from all over the world.
In recent years, I discovered my love for hats which has been life changing. I’m passionate about making bespoke hats tailored to each client. Each one made from love. I’m fascinated with the endless possibilities of hat shapes and enthusiastic of new and ancient techniques.

Techniques which Florence was once known for and now almost forgotten.

Philosophy: My goal is to use ancient artisanal craftsmanship techniques focusing on sustainability. Creating made to measure and unique pieces for customers. Clients will have the ability to choose between vintage, repurpose and other sustainable materials. Having the ability to source materials that were once forgotten can be transformed to new works of art.